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CONSULTING: Thinking Through Sustainability Strategies & Reporting

Through deep, original research we assist in designing an approach that delivers effective Reporting and a direction to improving your sustainability footprint through data analysis and approaches.

Our depth & competence spans ESG Frameworks, Standards, Reporting Requirements and Business Awareness.

For Consultants



Reporting Boundaries, Materiality Mapping, Sustainability Risks & Opportunities

Stakeholders (ISO AA1000)

Value Chain Analysis

Suppliers & Customers: industry-specific material factors

Innovation-led sustainability at Suppliers

Policy Documents

Put in place ISO compliant policies. REAL policies appropriate to your industry so you can report credibly.

DATA & REPORTING: Focus on what matters! 

Data Challenges: a wide range of sources and data-types; multiple locations; many suppliers. Ergo: Costs, Time & Effort! REDUCE the carbon footprint of Sustainability Reporting!

Save time and focus on the Quality of what you do, rather than simply just doing it! 
DataWidgetschanges all that!

Target Data Owners

Map DataWidgets to data-owners. Track submissions through dashboards.

Complexity Solved

Multiple locations, data-owners, countries all harnessed in one thread using DataWidgets

Instant Collection

Click SUBMIT receive data in excel and pdf: Ready to Submit in neat formats.

Connect Suppliers

Ask suppliers to use DataWidgets™. Get value-chain data flowing  into your report!

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DataWidgetschanges solves the biggest problem that all researchers face: How to collect data? We went a step further. We have collected the data.

Source the pre-analysed data from us. Use it for your further research. Use for your advocacy. Use it to push for the change you want to see!

Just like top Management Institutes and agencies ALREADY DO!

Gather Data

Use  DataWidgets to yourself to work in an area you wish to focus on. .

Set up Projects

Set up projects with us so that you can focus on what you do best and leave the DRUDGE to us!

Ongoing Efforts

We engage in  research NON-STOP


Not waiting for anyone or anything! 

Other Projects

We work on projects that others own so we cannot shared them publicly. DataWidgetsare a great enabler: Visualise Projects. Do it! 

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