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The entire range of ESG/sustainability related knowledge, reference frameworks and data-models.

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IFRS Sustainability®   is the standard that the entire global community of financial reporting practioners is likely to adopt. The ISSB oversees the development of IFRS-Sustainability and its promotion world-wide.


You can find our full library of work in the area here. 

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The European Sustainability Reporting Standard is pathbreaking in very specific ways in sustainability reporting.

Its evolution is overseen by the EFRAG and of course, it is applicable across the European Union.

EFRAG now works in close collboration with ISSB to ensure global interoperability of reporting standards.

You can find our full library of work in the area here.



The Business Responsibility & Sustainability Reporting (BRSR) reporting requirement applies in India.

Initially, the filing is mandatory for India's Top 1000 companies ranked by Market Capitalisation.

You can find our full library of work in the area here.

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